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Șoimul Island

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The Soimul Island is a protected area of natural flora and fauna and serves as a reservation located in the Calarasi County, in the administrative territory of Dichiseni commune.

Its natural area is of 20.10 hectares, located on the Danube in the south-eastern part of Calarasi county and the southern part of Coslogeni village (a village belonging to Dichiseni commune). In its immediate vicinity is Lake Bugeac (a mixed nature reserve located on the administrative territory of Constanta County), ithe southernmost river valley of the country’s territory,

The Nature Reserve was declared a protected area on November 30, 2004 (establishing the protected natural habitat regime for new areas) and consists of an island on the Danube River, which hosts a wide variety of flora and fauna specific for the wetlands.[1]

Natural reserves along the Danube River are characterized by specific vegetation. The river bed of the Danube River is Europe's largest muddy area. Here is the largest amount of reed in the world. In the Danube Delta, 1700 sq. are overgrown with reeds. There are several types of water lily. The sandy places are covered with grass of type "Stipa".


At the end of the 19th century, the Dichiseni commune was part of the Borcea locality of Ialomita County and consisted of the villages of Dichiseni, Coslogeni and Satnoeni, and of the Mandache and Putineiu domains, with a total of 1181 inhabitants. There were three churches (one in each village) and a mixed school with 65 pupils (of which nine were girls). The Socec Yearbook of 1925 records the commune in Fetesti of the same county, having 2178 inhabitants in the villages of Bratieni, Coslogeni, Dichiseni and Satnoeni.

In 1950, the commune went to the administration of the Fetesti district in the Ialomita region, then (after 1952) in the Constanţa region and (after 1960) in the Bucharest region. The village of Bratieni took the name Liberatatea during the communist regime. In 1968, the commune returned to Ialomita County (re-established), and the Libertatea village was forcibly decommissioned by the communist authorities in 1977 (although it continued to be included in the localities list). In 1981, a regional administrative reorganization led to the transfer of the commune to the Calarasi County.

"Gradinişte Coslogeni" - "La Clinci" is an archaeological site located in the Dichiseni commune. The site includes a Neolithic settlement, a fortified settlement dating back to the 12th century BC and a cremation necropolis from the 5th-5th centuries BC.

The commune contains six more sites included in the list of historical monuments in Calarasi County as monuments of local interest. One is another archaeological site, located also in the Coslogeni village area, in the "Popina lui Ilie" point, and it contains the remains of a settlement from the 13th-11th centuries BC. Two other objectives are also classified as architectural monuments - the "Nicolae" church (19th century) in Coslogeni and the church with the same title (1805) from Dichiseni. The last three objectives classified as memorial or funeral monuments and are located in Coslogeni: an 18th century stone cross leading to the school from the national highway; and two crosses - the "cure cross" (19th century) from the Coslogeni hermitage and the cross in front of Gheorghe Constantin Noan's court (dated 1867).

According to the census carried out in 2011, the population of Dichiseni commune amounts to 1,734 inhabitants, down from the previous census in 2002 when there were 1,863 inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants are Romanian (96.37%). For 3.52% of the population, ethnicity is unknown. Most of the population are Orthodox (96.14%). For 3.52% of the population, the religious beliefs are unknown.[2]


The Soimul Island is a protected area of natural flora and fauna and serves as a reservation located in the Calarasi County, in the administrative territory of Dichiseni commune. The Nature Reserve is a protected area.



The Soimul Island is dominated by a riparian forest of soft willow essence.


Nature reserve


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