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Hermitage Cross Coslogeni

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The Coslogeni Hermitage is located at the entrance of the village of Coslogeni, in Dichiseni.

The place has earned its fame thanks to a stone cross that is said to be miraculous. The Coslogeni Myrrh Springing Cross was laid on a small stone foundation, right at the edge of the dusty country road. There are no telling signs of a holy place there, but it must be known that many miraculous healings have happened at exactly this site.

The Cross of Coslogeni is almost half a millennium old and mentioned by all great historians. However it still remains an open mystery. The Holy Cross dates back to 1620. It was made by a boyar from Călăraşi to be taken to Feteşti. It was transported by a cart to its destination. During the transportation however, the cart crashed under the cross’weight. The cross was taken down so the cart can be repaired and once that was done, it was loaded once more, but the oxen pulling it would not move any further.

After that event the cross was stuck in this place by local believers, and in time it was seen to be miraculous, attracting praying people. It is said that it can only be moved by the Lord's power. Moreover, the locals say that it has grown, ascended, and only those who come here with faith benefit from its healing powers.[1]


Between 1990 and 1993 the cross was protected by the Christians who built a place of worship and ministry with the support of the parson priest in the village of Coslogeni and of the faithful who came from all over the country to worship the holy cross. At the request of the faithful and with the blessing of Bishop Damaschin Coravus, it was decided that this place blessed by God would be a monk's hermitage.

Thus, the Coslogeni Hermitage was established in 2003. The works of expansion and development of the Hermitage continued, laying the foundation stone of a church dedicated to the Ascension of the Holy Cross. The holy place, made of Maramures-style wood, has a height of 26 meters, length of 16 meters and width of 6.30 meters. The Coslogeni Cure Cross was believed by citizens to be miraculous, but the Communists did not liked that belief. They did everything possible to make it disappear, but no one could resist the will of the Lord. Even bulldozers succumbed when they tried to demolish the stone cross. The divine signs clearly showed that it should not be moved. People from Coslogeni say that destroyers were paralyzed while working on moving the cross.

The legend says that on a rainy or cold day, a child who used to come with the cattle to the grazed found shelter at the root of the Holy Cross. The child deaf-mute, but after touching the Holy Cross he suddenly gained the ability of speech and hearing. It has since proved to be a miraculous cross. Many sick people, come to it in hope to receive healing.[2]

On the territory of Romania there are other places similar to the Cross in Coslogeni, for which people believe they have unusual forces. Such are fountains and other crosses, which also have a centuries-old history. From such fountains, believed by people to have holy or magical water, people are pouring and holding in their homes.


The Cross in Koseljeni is a religious object for the inhabitants of the city. They say it has magical and healing abilities. It has an age-old history and is mentioned by all the great historians. The cross remains a mystery, but significant for their history, culture, and belief in the cross abilities connects them as a community.


The cross is located outside and has a free visit mode. People go there and leave their belongings to stay near the cross to charge with its divine power.


On the territory of Romania there are other places similar to the Cross Coslogeni, where people believe they have unusual forces. Such are fountains and other crosses, which also have a centuries-old history.


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[1] Schitul Crucea de leac, locul în care mulţi bolnavi şi-au găsit vindecarea! Crucea de piatră de aici e „sfântă și de viață făcătoare”! Cine poate ajunge chiar azi, de Izvorul Tămăduirii, o să aibă parte de mult bine

[2] Sfânta Cruce izvorâtoare de mir de la Coslogeni