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Dramatic-Puppet Theater Silistra

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The Silistra Dramatic-Puppet Theater is located at 35 Simeon Veliki Street, Silistra, Silistra Municipality. The building is located in the central part of the city. It is 429 km away from the capital Sofia. There is a bus three times a day leaving from the Sofia Central Bus Station to Silistra, as well as a train three times a day from the Sofia Central Railway Station.



The puppet theater in Silistra has been transformed into a Drama-Puppet Theater in 2014. Performances are held there.


The beginning of the theater activity in Silistra dates back to 1872 with the performance "The Suffering Genoveva", the fruit of the creative work of the Theater Company, which was established a little earlier in Silistra. In 1942, the Theater Company was declared a state and professional theater.

In Bulgaria, the puppet theater has started in 1960, when "The Little Prince" was played in Bucharest, Romania. At that time, the performance of Sergei Prokofiev "Petya and the Wolf" began to take place in Bulgaria. This is the first great event for Bulgarian puppet theater. After World War II, more attention was paid to the history of the puppet theater.

In 2002, with the impressive Sixth Theater Salon, the theater celebrated 60 years since its announcement as a state and professional cultural institute. For these years, nearly 550 productions (titles) have been recorded in its poster. In 1997, the theater won a competition in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Culture and accepted the status of a repertoire theater with mixed financing - state and municipal.

By CM Decree No. 45/6 March 2014, the puppet theater in Silistra was transformed into a Dramatic-Puppet Theater with the object of activity: creation and distribution of performances in the field of dramatic and puppet art. They are in the building of 35 Simeon Veliki Str.

This allowed for independent theater performances in Silistra - an activity that has been realized in recent years only by the Yordan Yovkov Theatrical-Production Center in Dobrich.

By 2009, Silistra Municipality organizes annual International Puppet Theater Festival for children "Jan Bibyan" and International Theater Laboratory "Yan Bibyan", welcomed with great interest by the theatrical community, the theaters and the children.

The Silistra Drama-Puppet Theater performed all the plays from its repertoire for adults for its spectators on the eve of the great Christian holiday of the Resurrection of Christ in April 2018. [1]

In 2011, the Silistra Drama and Puppet Theater presented the puppet show for adults "Scenes from Decameron" within the International Festival "Days of the Danubian Cities" - Giurgiu, 2011. The theater carried out this performance at the special invitation of Mircea Ionescu - Giurgiu. This is the second play of the theater in an international forum for the current 31st season. On September 24, "Scenes from Decameron" was selected and presented at the International Festival for puppet shows for adults "Piero - 2011" in the town of Stara Zagora.

In 2015. The Bulgarian Army Theater hosted the Silistra Dramatic and Puppet Theater with the play of Anatoly Krim - "The Will of the Chastity Woman”.

In 2017 the Silistra Dramatic and Puppet Theater was nominated for the annual PROCULTURE - 2017 Award for its work with adolescents and providing access to a culture to young people. The Drama-Puppet Theater Hall has a capacity of 160 seats. There is another publicly significant large theater hall, known to the citizens as the “Sava Dobroplodni“ Drama Theater. It is managed by the Municipality of Silistra and it hosts concerts, festivals, theater performances. The capacity is 560 seats. This hall will be renovated in 2019 on a European project of the Municipality of Silistra. The building of Drama Theater "Sava Dobroplodni" is emblematic for the cultural and social life in Silistra. It was built in 1970 and it is located at: Silistra, 48, Simeon Veliki Street, public municipal property, with AOS 6765 / 14.02.2014.

During the holidays a discount is made for the fans of the theater art in Silistra. There is an opportunity for viewers to watch three performances with one ticket of 10 leva and the price for an individual spectacle is 5 leva.


The drama-puppet theater in Silistra is a center for cultural events in the city.


In the days where performances are taking place, the theater cashier works with extended working hours until the beginning of the performance. The building is accessible for disabled people. There is no special parking, there are parking spaces around.


Monday - Friday: 09.00 - 17.30

Saturday: 10.00 - 12.00

Sunday: 10.00 - 12.00

On special days and holidays desk runs without breaks until the beginning of the show.


Director tel. 086 / 83-18-10 mob. 0879698826

Administration tel. 086/83 18 10

Chief accountant tel. 086 / 83-18-20




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